The top-five Tulum beachfront boutique hotels

Cherry-picking the top five boutique hotels in Tulum is becoming harder and harder. Floods of hipchic tourists arrive from New York every year, and they make them become better and chicquer.  But here is our selection: 5)La Vita e Bella: not the most beautiful, not the one with the nicest rooms. Just the necessary comfort
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Xcacel-Xcacelito, a sanctuary beach in Tulum

Xcacel-Xcacelito is the most important turtle sanctuary beach in the Mayan Riviera, just 15 km north of Tulum, near Akumal. Xcacel has a perfect reef for turtles, 2,5 km of pristine beach with an underwater channel for the big turtles (both Caguama and White species) to nest between april and october. The 360 hectares beach
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El Curandero, the best bar at the Tulum town

DJ Live music, with live bongoes, lots of percussion and hair, yes, this shit is available everywhere in Tulum, today’s world beach capital of bug-scratching-rasta-haired-never-working-people, and my second favorite beach in the world after Saint Tropez. But if you pair these bongoes with a live jazz trumpet (yeah, a hippie with real brass), in a
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