A typical Victoria's Secret shooting at a Tulum boutique hotel

A typical Victoria’s Secret shooting at a Tulum boutique hotel

Cherry-picking the top five boutique hotels in Tulum is becoming harder and harder. Floods of hipchic tourists arrive from New York every year, and they make them become better and chicquer.  But here is our selection:

5)La Vita e Bella: not the most beautiful, not the one with the nicest rooms. Just the necessary comfort of a solid floor and A/C. So why in this list? Because it is the one that keeps the original spirit of Italian colonized Tulum, before the New Yorker’s civilization. Plain rooms, great beach, amazing pizzas. What else?  Read the full review of La Vita e Bella

4)Coqui Coqui: owned by the former Burberry model Nicolás Malleville (started as his beach house), this is the usual beach getaway of supermodels like Giselle Bundchen and her “bunch”. Great and yet simple local stone and wood architecture. An original spa with home made products (Coqui Coqui is also a perfumery). A decent restaurant. A stylish crowd. Read the full review of Coqui Coqui

3)Be Tulum: the one with the most modern design, and a pool, has attracted the nice and rich since its opening. One of the most expensive on the beach, but with nice rooms with small private pools. A good restaurant if you cannot afford to stay but want to know the place and mingle with the beautiful guests. For the New Year week, chosen by Sting and all types of Hollywood celebrities, you need to book a year in advance and pay over $1.000 for a room.

2)Casa Magna: owned by Melissa Perlman (who also owns the bikini bootcamp Amansala, where Demy Moore spends New Year holidays) used to be one the famous Comlombian kingpin Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s houses. He used to relax at the beach while overviewing his cocaine logistics. It is the newest and more exclusive addition to the hotel offer in Tulum. Now a luxury and yoga retreat, it is part of the history and reminds us that Tulum still belongs to the Caribbean.

1)Our all-time favorite, Rosa del Viento, has the perfect balance of beach, rooms, food, price and atmosphere. Read de full review of Rosa del Viento

Other excellent option is to rent a good condo. There are excellent penthouses with your private rooftop jacuzzi garden from US$ 100/night