With 42 villas facing the sea, the Hidden Beach Resort is a luxury option for the nudists in the Riviera Maya.
The hotel is five star hotel and the service is all inclusive for that does not have to worry about anything. Account with restaurant, bar and disco, as well as a private beach and swimming pool, hidden from prying eyes.

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The cost of the luxurious villas is US$ 500 to US$ 1000 per night, depending on the season and room type.

The hotel Hidden Beach Resort is located at Carretera Cancun – Tulum KM. 95, Kantenah, 77710 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, and the phone to book is 52 984 875 1919


Read some reviews, criticisms and views of the hotel Hidden Beach Resort we have just returned from nine days at Hidden Beach. Used to be the biggest fans of HBR; however, have changed significantly, and not for good. In the first place, if you were booking at any time between now and December i reconsider. There are construction sites where was the former Moonlight Lounge. They are building a skyscraper there himself, together with the “presidential suites”. Units 1100 numbers are very strong and from 07 a.m. 6 days a week is the full noise with hammers and saws of construction skills. Also, of course, no notification of this, when you arrive or before. We were in room 1117 and it was loud! It took two days to move with us. If you don’t ensure a room 1200 series i reconsider. There are rooms in the decade of 1100 that are close to the pool that are probably far enough away to be nice. The other problem with the construction is the only entry into the ocean, or walking by the beach, is located in front of all construction workers. Depends on you, but could still get is present.

The recent practice of allowing the people of El Dorado to get a room in HBR is annoying, because they are paying approx. 30% Less and that also occupied a room 1200 series. No kidding! This was our seventh trip and we are members and this exotic what you get.
The staff that is there is still very well! Going to wait a long time for the food for lunch and dinner. It is not their fault that the personnel numbers, obviously, have been cut. For example poor David has to cover both the pool and a bar of the moon in the night.
The gym is a disaster. The old universal machine that had been removed a month or so ago has been replaced, wait for that … Nothing! The same old weights, an unstable bank adjustable and the rest is the same two treadmills. (One stops and I am thinking stops) in around the mark of 12-13 minutes. Great thing if you are running a decent pace. A elliptical works very well and two bicycles also work well. We’ve written reviews on the gym in our comments box for the last couple of years and of course nothing. Go down to the spa and take a look at the difference in the team of El Dorado, in comparison with DRIVE
Given the fact that they have not done anything to top HBR degree and construction i have a theory.
Stayed in April 2015, he traveled as a couple.