Zama Village, an excellent vacation rental business

Zama Village, an excellent vacation rental business

Just after 8 months of the completion of Zama Village, the first condo building at Aldea Zama, the investments has proved to have hefty returns.

Zama Village was totally sold (a few units available for re-sell) by its developers, Kaua Group, and Real Zama, the second building is also almost sold (less than 5 units remaining). Real Zama, located some 200 yards away from Zama Village is a smaller building, with smaller 2 bedrooms/2 bathroom condos, selling from US$ 170.000 on average (penthouses from $250k), a 20%-25% more than the price of Zama Village. Due to the success of Zama Village and Real Zama, Kaua will start developing a third condo building, Zama Gardens, with prices again increasing other 20%, while spaces becoming smaller.

In addition to the Kaua projects (Kaua has some shareholders in common with the owners of the Aldea Zama development), there are other 2-3 buildings under construction, and some other 4-5 in the pre-sale phase.

The services and infrastructure of Aldea Zama are impecable, with miles of paved roads surrounded by jungle waiting for the construction to start.

The ownership of condos at Zama Village has also turned a good business. In addition to a 20% appreciation, owners are receiving a vacation rental income as high as 10%-12% annually (after deducting maintenance and management fees).