El curandero mejor bar de tulumDJ

Live music, with live bongoes, lots of percussion and hair, yes, this shit is available everywhere in Tulum, today’s world beach capital of bug-scratching-rasta-haired-never-working-people, and my second favorite beach in the world after Saint Tropez. But if you pair these bongoes with a live jazz trumpet (yeah, a hippie with real brass), in a background of DJ recorded acid-jazz music, with good drinks other than the usual downtown shitty beers and Baccardi, you got something. Specially if you can get a Chivas or a Buchanans for a hippie price of US$ 7,50.

El Curandero inherited something of the crowds from the traditional Pepenero, the traditional hippie joint of Tulum Ave, sadly gone sour after the inter-italian management change (or maybe before that, to the regret of the new capo, a nice italian buddie). Hippies, hip chickies, and even cool people coming from the expensive beach hotels go there. Especially on low season, this is the only place to have a drink with the Tulum crowd, even the Hartwood guys go there after they close (clients and employees, the latter the better).