Last week I paid a new visit to Coqui Coqui to know more about the success story of this beautiful boutique hotel at the Tulum beach. Coqui Coqui, founded by the ex-model Nicolás Maleville, is one of the top eco chic hotels at the Tulum beach strip.

I sat with Marcos, one of the two hotel managers at the cute cafeteria decorated with large mirrors and perfumerie glasses and we let the chat flow.

Coqui Coqui Tulum has only seven rooms. The hotel was built on what was Nicolás’ own beach refuge (the cafeteria/reception was a large sea facing living room). In the 8 years the hotel has been operating it has built a recurrent base of happy guests, many of them celebrities from the fashion industry and Hollywood. And the reason why they come to Tulum is to find what they miss in New York, LA, Paris or London: anonymity, laid-back relax and being treated as any other guest. Many of the fashion celebrities are former colleagues and friends of Nicolás Maleville, like Kate Moss or Giselle Bundchen, but the fame of the Coqui Coqui in this special group of people has gone beyond a personal network and reached specialized and exclusive design, travel and lifestyle publications (including this site lol!). Many of this famous clients visit Coqui Coqui up to three times every year.

Due to the small size of the hotel, occupation rate is high, only September can be considered kind of a low season. To book a night in the top season (around New Year’s Eve) you’d better book 4-5 months in advance. Rates can go from $210 in low season for a regular room to $430 for a suite in higher season. Rates are relatively low compared to neighbor hotel and also very chic Be Tulum (nothing below $350).

For those clients who prefer to stay for dinner, Coqui Coqui has hired Sergio Granados, a famous chef who built his reputation at Los Cabos. Upon reservation, and for $86 per person (including wine) Sergio can surprise you with three-course meal of delicious mexican cuisine inspired in old mayan recipes. Most clients combine the Coqui Coqui restaurant dining with scouting excursions to the other good restaurants in town, mainly to the Hartwood (I found three Coqui Coqui guests there after my visit), located 200 yards across the beach road.

Coqui Coqui has a unique spa service, using all the house’s perfumes, soaps, creams and scents. The spa offer is ample and tempting for both individuals and couples. The spa area has amazing design. Located on the top of the building, it has natural ventilation and you can hear the soft rumour of the Caribbean waves washing the beach (no need for the typical ambience music of the spas).

The hotel is operated by just 10 people, with Marcos and Gabriela shifting the hands-on daily management. Service is very close, all guests called by their names by all the personnel.

Coqui Coqui also has a presence in nearby Valladolid, Cobá ruins and the city of Mérida. The Valladolid and Mérida hotels are one bedroom old mansions, they are rented on an exclusive basis for $280/night. The Cobá ruins property has 5 bedrooms in front of the Cobá lagoon. The rooms upstair have a view on the amazing Cobá pyramids surrounded by the Mayan jungle.

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