Posada Marguerita is one of the best hotels in the Tulum beach, and certainly the best Italian restaurant in Tulum.   It is Italian owned and operated, with the exception of the knowledgeable local staff who actually prepares the food.

As Alessandro Carozzino, one of the Genoese owners will explain, the pasta (tagliatelli, fetuccini) is hand made at the very moment you order from the very short but rounded menu.  He usually sits at the tables and explains the menu in an entertained way only an Italian could do. We were briskly cut off by an authoritarian Alessandro when asking about appetizers, he would bring a full table with pizza, focaccia bread, olives and raw coleflower to keep us busy while we waited for the entrée and sip some good Italian wine.

The food is pricey for Tulum (mains around $30), but they are extremely good, especially the pasta (order your favorite one with crutatta of vegetables -pine nuts, tomato, zucchini- or seefood -shimps).  The fish dishes depend on the catch of the day, local fisherman from Tulum would deliver the best they get every morning to Alessandro and his crew directly from the boat.  The fish dishes are mostly cooked using sea water and lemon juice.   Do not miss the excellent Tiramisú, it is made with actual italian Mascarpone cheese.

The Posada Marguerita boutique hotel only has 8 rooms, in a rustic and minimalistic style (called eco-chic now).   The rooms upstairs are said to have a better view, but all are beautifully decorated and located between palm trees, enjoying the sound of the sea turf from every room.

The beach of the hotel is just perfect, 3 km of pristine beaches only shared with few other boutique hotels.  The restaurant is very small, there are not that many good options for fine dining in Tulum yet, so make sure you make a reservation at +52 984 801 8493.


If you just walk-in and have to wait for a while it is not that bad, the place is always lively and fun to have a drink at the small lounge areas.  The architecture is very simple: a combination of “palapa” (thatched roof) with rustic wood tables and floor, and open spaces overlooking a tropical garden and the sand.  You’ll be relaxed and comfortable.   The whole place is mostly powered by solar panels (your iphone needs to be recharged at the reception or restaurant).


Hotel Posada Marguerita is located at the 4.5 km of the Tulum-Boca Paila road (you need a car or cab ride to get there, or ride your bicyble from the Tulum town for 30 minutes).   There are other good options for dining near Posada Marguerita, if you stay there and want some change you can head to The Hartwood (a top restaurant) or Casa Jaguar, a trendy restaurant and bar for drinks after dinner.