You will not find many Tulum banks, but there are at many ATMs in Tulum so you won’t have problems getting cash while you enjoy your holidays in the Mayan Riviera.  These ATMs belong to the main banks in Mexico, so fees are low compared to the “independent” ATMs that you find in delis and grocery stores in USA.

One Tulum ATM is located at the HSBC Bank Tulum Branch, right in the center of the Tulum town.  The bank has extended office hours (8am through 7pm, Mondays through Saturdays), and the ATM is accessible 24/7.   The HSBC Tulum ATM is located at downtown Tulum, at Tulum Avenue (main highway crossing the village) and Osiris street.

Another Tulum ATM is located at the parking lot of the San Francisco de Asis supermarket, on the crossroads of Avenida Tulum (the main highway) and the Boca Paila road (the road connecting Tulum town with the beach).

The Bancomer bank branch also has an ATM in downtown Tulum. It is located at Avenida Coba S/N (without number), stores 1 to 6, at the corner of Avenida Tulum Oriente. Opening hours: 8,30 am to 4pm.

Another ATM in Tulum is the Scotiabank branch, also located at Tulum downtown, at Avenida Tulum and Avenida Satelite Sur, opening 8,30 am – 4 pm mon-sat.

Also, at the new Chedraui supermarket (opened through 9pm daily) there are four ATMs. You can tell cash from your regular VISA, no matter in what country it was issued.

Try to avoid the small independent ATMs located at some hotels and grocery stores, they are expensive, and not very safe.

The Tulum ATMs accept all major cards, but the most efficient way to use them is with your Visa Electron card.  Commissions are low, and the exchange rates you get are more convenient than exchanging cash with street brokers or banks.

It is always convenient to have some Mexican Pesos to pay for the small stuff.  Most restaurants, cab drivers and shops would accept dollars and euros in Tulum, but paying in local currency will most likely be less expensive.  Also, take into account that some smaller Tulum cabanas and hotels do not accept credit cards, or can give you up to 15% discount if you pay cash (always ask for a cash payment discount before showing your glitzy platinum card!). Many of the good restaurants in Tulum are cash-only, like The Hartwood, Casa Jaguar and El Tábano.