Zamas Restaurant (in reality it is called “Que fresco!”, meaning”how fresh!” in Spanish) is a good option for the Tulum evenings. Located at a great spot on the beach, it offers tasty pizzas and some seafood dishes with a fun atmosphere of live music (tropical, drums, other).  Tourists and some local mingle to spend a good time and occasional dancing under the thatched roof of the main place or on the beach seats.

Pizzas are by far the best option.  Couple them with beer or a tropical drink as the wine list is too short.  Leave your table and interact with the lively crowd, take a look at the waves in the beach with a mojito in your hand, and you will have a Tulum magic moment.

Zamas was of the first hotels and restaurants in Tulum.  It dates back from December 1993.  It is owned by a San Franciso couple: Daniel Vallejo McGettigan and Susan Bohlken.  The kitchen is run by Paul Bentley.

The Zamas is one of the first hotels/restaurants on the Tulum – Boca Paila road in south direction, located at the km 5.0, in the most densely populated of the Tulum coastal road.  Credit cards are not accepted. It opens daily for lunch and dinner (dinner is more fun). Check below the videos of live music parties at the Zamas Tulum.

Roberto Lopez Viajes