Tulum is a booming town, no crisis seems to affect the optimism of its fast growing population (total population in the Tulum municipality reached 28.283 in 2010).  In the recent 2-3 years, Tulum boasted a population growth rate in the range of 12%-15%, overtaking Playa del Carmen as the fastest growing city in Mexico.

The fast growth is fueled by immigration, both internal and from foreigners, and by the high ratio of births/deaths (737/51 in 2009).  Another curious detail that explains fast growth is the high number of marriages versus divorces: 324 against 6.  The number of marriages might be somehow overstated as a lot of visitors chose Tulum for a beach wedding, but they do settle in Tulum.

I guess these demographics have direct influence in the good mood of Tulumers.  And definitely bode well for real estate development.

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