In the last year the works at Aldea Zama Tulum have increased its pace and the changes are radical. The first condo building, Zama Village (developed by Kaua Contructores) was finished and delivered in time last May.

After the fast sale of the 34 condos, Kaua started building Real Zama, Zama Village’s smaller brother, just 200 yards away from the first project. Local realtors indicate Real Zama is also selling fast even though prices are some 20%-30% higher than the pre-sale prices of Zama Village. With very few high quality condo options, and the success story of Zama Village the appreciation potential is high. Real Zama has 2-bed 2-bath condos starting at US$ 170.000 (it also has 2 3-bed penthouses).

A third condo building project is under way: Prana, around the corner from Real Zama. Prana boasts 42 condos, starting at US$ 160.000. They are all 2-bed 2-bath units, with the exception of 4 3-bed penthouse condos.

All the common areas of Aldea Zama and the infrastructure is also developing very fast. The first commercial area was officially inaugurated and owners are expected to build the first stores before the end of the year. The architecture of the commercial area is really unique, with a pedestrian central street, lots of trees and everything made of low visual impact materials, perfectly integrated with the landscape. The internal roads are impecable, and they have also built a bicycle pathway leading to the beach. Bicycle is the tourist’s favorite mean of transport in Tulum, and something that makes Tulum a very different place from Playa del Carmen or Cancún.