Perfect beaches and nature

Perfect beaches and nature

Xcacel-Xcacelito is the most important turtle sanctuary beach in the Mayan Riviera, just 15 km north of Tulum, near Akumal.

Xcacel has a perfect reef for turtles, 2,5 km of pristine beach with an underwater channel for the big turtles (both Caguama and White species) to nest between april and october. The 360 hectares beach and mangle park is totally protected from poaching. The perfect place to take care of nature, but also one of the most beautiful beaches to sunbath and swim in a natural environment.

The entrance is protected, and the visitors hours limited to protect the animals. A small fee (around US$ 5) is charged to visitors.

The closest town is Chemuyil, a developing small town on the other side of the road (the jungle side). There are a few options to stay in Chemuyil if you’re not staying at Tulum or Akumal. Chemuyil is the home of many of the workers of the beach hotels, so it is a really original experience to stay there, shopping groceries at the small shops with the locals. There are some subsidized (state developed) homes that the locals have transformed to vacation rentals. Also, there are various ecologic cabana developments up into the jungle. In general, lodging is much cheaper than in Tulum or the very expensive Akumal.