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El Curandero, the best bar at the Tulum town

DJ Live music, with live bongoes, lots of percussion and hair, yes, this shit is available everywhere in Tulum, today’s world beach capital of bug-scratching-rasta-haired-never-working-people, and my second favorite beach in the world after Saint Tropez. But if you pair these bongoes with a live jazz trumpet (yeah, a hippie with real brass), in a
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El Hechizo, best restaurant in Tulum

El Hechizo es the best and most sophisticated restaurant in Tulum. Its chef and owner, Stefan Schober is a highly professional chef, with a long experience as chef of the Ritz Carlton hotel chain. From Austrian parents, the mexican Schober met her wife when she was in charge of the Ritz Carlton Singapore patisserie. Ying-Hui
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The Hartwood: review after the fourth visit

The Hartwood maintains its quality and unique atmosphere after its first years of operations. In my last visit 3 weeks ago, despite heavy tropical rains, the restaurant was open and its staff as smiley as ever. And the crowd was always the same, locals from the hotel industry, tourists from Coqui Coqui hotel across the
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